Intelligent Collaborative Deployments

We are UC owners and leaders in Application Area 1 of the INCODE project, which focuses on the “Logistics and transport quality value chain”. In this context, iLink is responsible for designing and deploying individual UCs and, more importantly, coordinating the whole Application Area 1. This project provides a great opportunity to explore new technologies, methodologies, software, and hardware architectures. The diverse consortium can provide valuable discussions, ideas, and interaction. Finally, the company’s employees involved with the project gain major benefits and knowledge that add to their personal skillset while raising the company’s competitiveness. 

Hardware components

Device diversity is probably the major characteristic of our contribution while each of them utilizes different technologies like 5G, ultra-wideband, IoT sensing, and far-edge computing.

Software components

iLink’s expertise has been brought to the INCODE Project with significant extensions in the concepts of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). State-of-the-art software architecture has been deployed and additional features of Computer Vision (CV) and predictive modelling have been added.  

Experimentation Facilities

The testing and final deployment of Application Area 1 will be conducted in the University of Patras premises.  

Business Value

This project offers resources that significantly contribute to the development of applications targeting the optimization of industrial operations. In this context, end-to-end solutions are designed and tested in the scope of supply chain management. 

This project offers resources that significantly contribute to the development of solutions targeting the optimization of industrial operations. 

Increased efficiency of fleet management, reduced resource consumption, asset monitoring, data analytics, and strategic management. 

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