PowerTech Field Service Management (FSM) is a software designed to help businesses manage and optimize their field service operations.

This way you can keep an eye on your fleet status, such as when it was last serviced or what tires the car currently has, as well as how much a particular vehicle cost in total over a previous period of time or some vehicle sector. You have the possibility through special tables to compare the costs of the vehicles and to consider the possibility of taking corrective actions, such as replacement in the event that one of them seems quite costly. In addition, there is no need to use separate folders with insurance contracts, leasing, etc., as each vehicle has its own tab with the possibility of importing pdf files.

Key features of PowerTech are:

Scheduling and Dispatch

Efficiently schedule and dispatch field service technicians based on factors like availability, proximity, skills, and job requirements.

Work Order Management

Create, assign, and track work orders, including capturing detailed job information, customer details, and service history.

Mobile Access

Enable field technicians to access work orders, update job statuses, capture information, and communicate with the office using mobile devices or dedicated mobile applications.

Route Optimization

Optimize travel routes for field technicians to minimize travel time, reduce fuel costs, and increase the number of jobs completed in a day.

Inventory and Parts Management

Manage inventory levels, track parts used during service calls, and ensure that technicians have the necessary equipment and supplies.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Integration

Integrate with CRM systems to access customer information, service history, and enable seamless communication between the office and the field.

Service Contract Management

Track and manage service contracts, including renewal dates, service level agreements (SLAs), and warranty information.


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