PowerFleet OPTIMO is a sophisticated application providing solutions to vehicle routing problems (VRP).

It automates the process of creating optimized routes for the company’s vehicles.OPTIMO is provided in the RaaS model (Routing as a Service), where companies can access routing and optimization capabilities as a service, typically through an application programming interface (API) or software platform.

Using PowerFleet OPTIMO routes become shorter, resources are utilized in a cost saving way, customers’ expectations are maximized, added value is achieved, QoS is guaranteed, ETA is feasible. All these actions build customer loyalty in a sustaining model. Furthermore, real time monitoring of the executed routes allows immediate intervention and adjustments in case of unexpected events.

RaaS providers offer algorithms, tools, and infrastructure to help businesses optimize their routing and logistics operations.

Geocoding of delivery points

Optimal route generation

Route Dispatching

Driver’s mobile app

Same Hour Delivery

BI reports

PowerFleet OPTIMO can be used in various industries, including transportation, delivery services, field service management, and supply chain logistics. This software solution typically provides functionalities such as route optimization, real-time tracking, dynamic routing adjustments, traffic updates, and other features to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction.


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