iLink participates as a 3rd party in the AI4HealthSec EU Project which aims to the development of a Dynamic and Self-Organized Artificial Swarm Intelligence Solution for Security and Privacy Threats in Healthcare ICT Infrastructures. The logistics sector offers great research and development potential in the cyber security sector since it includes a considerable volume of data exchange like geolocations, products’ characteristics, and customers’ personal information. Our organization has been selected as an extension of the Project to the Transportation sector.


Considering this opportunity, iLink provided its business infrastructure for testing. This included many different steps and penetration scenarios. Our servers, computers, communication protocols, and general infrastructure have been put to the test. The outcomes indicated a good state of the security standards and the AI4HealthSec platform highlighted the most important weak points.

Business Value

Undeniably, cyber security is probably the most prominent business element within an organization that works with data. For this reason, iLink managed to further improve its safety standards through infrastructure and process evaluation, workforce training, and consulting offered by the AI4HealthSec Project.