Fleet Management Software

  • VRP (Vehicle Routing Problem) innovative solutions: Route Optimization based on several parameters (customer demand, service time, time window etc).
  • Vehicles ERP:Take care of your company's fleet resources. Keep a good record of all service activities, tires replacement, breakdowns, store all relevant invoices and produce BI reports regarding your fleet's productivity.
  • Advanced Telematics: Routes monitoring, real time locations, drivers navigation, events dispatching, PoD (Proof of Delivery), reports, customer visits, POIs (Points of Interest) handling.

Mobile WorkForce Management

  • Work Orders Dispatching: Assign works to your mobile workers with regard to their availability, proximity and specialty based on each separate task.
  • Collect data (GPRS connectivity)from the workers mobile application, about the scope of work, tooling, service time, cash collection etc.
  • Back Office Reports: Keep a detailed record of machine breakdowns, produce historical reports about callbacks and work times. Automatically adjust the workers time schedule to include all tasks on their daily timetable. Produce advanced BI reports and predictive models.

IoT and Asset Management

  • Remote monitoring of equipment through IoT sensors and NB IoT (Narrow Band IoT) technology.
  • Big Data Analysis of stored information in order o produce reports and automate processes.
  • Hardware manufacturing of IoT boards (several sensors combined with Lora or NB IoT modules) for special cases and hardware monitoring.