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5G-INDUCE Contributing iLink New Technologies


Advanced network applications to shape the 5G vision

Europe has taken steps to lead global developments towards 5G (the fifth generation of telecommunication systems), which will be one of the most critical building blocks of our digital economy and society. 5G will provide virtually ubiquitous, ultra-high bandwidth and low latency ‘connectivity’ not only to individual users but also to connected objects. The success of 5G technologies hinges on their ability to attract vertical stakeholders. In this context, the EU-funded 5G-INDUCE project targets the development of an open, ETSI network functions virtualisation-compatible, 5G orchestration platform for the deployment of advanced 5G network applications. The project focus is directed towards the Industry 4.0 service deployment environment.


One of the core activities of the project towards the implementation and exploitation of the project’s main objective is the development and deployment of advanced Industry 4.0 NetApps, showcasing the support of a variety of innovative Industry 4.0 market verticals through the demonstration of advanced use cases that meet demanding Industry 4.0 and 5G KPIs (e.g., ultra-low latency, fast service deployment, high service reliability, while accommodating industrial-grade scalability demands). Ilink is responsible for the development of a cross-road safety Netapp that will eliminate any risk of collision between forklifts inside manufacturing warehouses.

Our sophisticated optimization and prediction algorithm will estimate the probability of an accident at specific cross-corridors and initiate the alarm process to notify the potentially involved parties in the accident. In case of a possible collision, our mobile app will enable a visual and auricular alerting system to warn the employees.



Type of project: IA – Innovation action

Topic: ICT-41-2020 – 5G PPP – 5G innovations for verticals with third party services

DURATION: 1 January 2021-31 December 2023

OVERALL BUDGET: € 7,927,775.00

EU CONTRIBUTION: €5,899,817.50


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